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Customer Feedback Forum: How does it work and what is it good for?

If you ask yourself how uservoice works and how you as a DocuWare end user or DocuWare partner benefit from posting new ideas and voting for already existing ones, here is a short introduction:
  1. Post your ideas regarding missing features or product improvements in the forum that seems to be the most fitting one to you
  2. If your idea is desired by other DocuWare users as well, these users will vote for your idea and give you one or more votes, depending on how important your idea is to them.
  3. Once an idea gets more votes than what 20% of the signed up users is (i.e. 20 votes from 100 users), we will take a closer look at the idea and might already plan a future realization. If it has more votes than what 40% of the signed up users is, your idea will certainly become part of the roadmap and will be planned and realized with one of the upcoming releases
  4. We will accordingly change the status of ideas here on uservoice and you will be notified in case you voted for or created a certain idea

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