1. Retain original file format in merge forms  ·  Not currently planned

  2. Add a feature to automatically update the xml files in file cabinet to match database changes

  3. Remove preceding/trailing/in-between spaces in Store dialog fields  ·  Not currently planned

  4. Allow the ability to delete stamps and leave the data in the log.  ·  Not currently planned

  5. Allow parallel connections to multiple DocuWare Cloud-Systems within the Local Data Connector.  ·  Not currently planned

  6. URL integration to allow the pre-population of an Eform  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  7. Automatically populate numeric range fields  ·  Declined

  8. Creating one file when downloading multiple files  ·  Declined

  9. Keyword table instead of field  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  10. Using the '(ATTACHMENT)' variable in docuware will help a lot to find the proper record

  11. Export to ERP System  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  12. Be able to search for documents by what user stored them

  13. Updates to ticket send email to partner or ticket owner

  14. Add regular expressions / regex to the full text search

  15. DocuWare Cloud - Auswahl der zu installierenden DocuWare Desktop Apps pro Benutzer

  16. Sub-Table Column  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  17. how can i move DocuWare from one server to another  ·  Declined

  18. Using keyword field in windows explorer client

  19. Reset on Store Dialog keeps previous index entries ... Add a clear all option  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  20. Let DocuWare write into external database

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