1. Memo field in Workflow Manager  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  2. Forms - Fully Data Enabled

  3. i suggest you provide a way to search for documents using system field data, such as "Date Modified" or "modified by"  ·  Completed

  4. intelligent indexing field filter - add option to use Local Data Connector for dynamic lists

  5. Stop forcing alphabetical sorting of Select Lists.  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  6. Provide a landing page for forms to be published to and/or ability to generate from client  ·  Completed

  7. Workflow Designer -> Assign Data -> Allow Reordering assignment statements  ·  Completed

  8. default tray or cabinet when data processing is not recognized from folders

  9. Modify the Query Definition screen

  10. Our customers have to have the Placeholder function of the Field Masks included in the Web Client  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  11. Master and detail mechanism for filecabinets  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  12. Create data record with forms

  13. Allow entry of multiple field into a Keyword or User LIST global variable

  14. When using 'Keep Entries' have an option NOT to carry over field which is 'FileName'  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  15. Enhance "document splitting" in DW Import to allow splitting on multiple readoutareas when 1 "OR" the other changes, not just "AND"  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  16. Docuware forms should have a table field that indexes a table index field

  17. Form filling checks and crosses

  18. Improve auto index speed times by running queries for each batch rather than each file

  19. Merge and Web Form  ·  Not currently planned

  20. Remove preceding/trailing/in-between spaces in Store dialog fields  ·  Not currently planned

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