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  1. Stop forcing alphabetical sorting of Select Lists.  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  2. URL integration  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  3. Allow to create custom scripts in the workflow designers  ·  Completed

  4. Forms - Fully Data Enabled

  5. i suggest you provide a way to search for documents using system field data, such as "Date Modified" or "modified by"  ·  Completed

  6. intelligent indexing field filter - add option to use Local Data Connector for dynamic lists

  7. Allow the creation of Data Records from Workflow Manager/Designer.

  8. default tray or cabinet when data processing is not recognized from folders

  9. Docuware forms should have a table field that indexes a table index field  ·  Planned

  10. Modify the Query Definition screen

  11. Edit index data in a tray

  12. Workflow Designer -> Assign Data -> Allow Reordering assignment statements  ·  Completed

  13. Enhance "document splitting" in DW Import to allow splitting on multiple readoutareas when 1 "OR" the other changes, not just "AND"  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  14. Sort order in external select lists

  15. Master and detail mechanism for filecabinets  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  16. Our customers have to have the Placeholder function of the Field Masks included in the Web Client  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  17. Add option to export csv to display table data and document data in same row with only one column header row.

  18. Option to copy document to tray without index data.

  19. Responsive Design

  20. DocuWare Cloud: Add select list for users in specific groups.

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