1. Improve keyword string splitting mechanism

  2. Allow the ability to delete stamps and leave the data in the log.  ·  Not currently planned

  3. Export to ERP System  ·  Planned

  4. Allow the use of multi column select list in task decisions,  ·  Completed

  5. Introduce a way to incorporate system data into an index field so that it appears in the column view  ·  Completed

  6. Make improvements to Email Notification  ·  Not currently planned

  7. Add Modified By and Entered By fields to fields visible in docTray.

  8. Allow use of SQL Queries to get a "Predefined" search term.

  9. Using the '(ATTACHMENT)' variable in docuware will help a lot to find the proper record

  10. Create a data record from a form

  11. Log annotations/stamps correctly in document history

  12. Allow parallel connections to multiple DocuWare Cloud-Systems within the Local Data Connector.  ·  Not currently planned

  13. Regular Expressions for Processing Data in Import Configurations

  14. Grant access to create Baskets and File Cabinets to the API

  15. Allow A Data Connection to Excel  ·  Declined

  16. Store Metadata (date, user, etc) should be available to display in result lists

  17. Allow the 'Create Data Record' option available in the web client to also be available in Workflow Manager  ·  Not currently planned

  18. Send Request should show on document when sent

  19. DocuWare Cloud: Add select list for users in specific groups.

  20. Allow export to CSV of only selected documents, in addition to "Entire Result List" or "Current Page"

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