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  1. Professional Query with Platform Services  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  2. ability to hide or disable 'create data record'  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  3. Add File connections and Local Data Connector connections to Workflow Engine (External Data)  ·  Completed

  4. Calculate Index Data using index field values  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  5. FIll out DocuWare Forms Fields with Query String

  6. Ability to change the query of a list  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  7. Allow workflow global variables in SQL query to retreive external data.  ·  Completed

  8. provide the currentlonguser() command in the custom query of SelectList So it will be possible to obtain SelectList dynamic per-user  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  9. Multi Column Select List - Auto-Populate Data Once a Feld Is Selected  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  10. DW Cloud - Local Data Connector - 1000 Line Limit is BAD THING

  11. CSV export of Table Data Type from result list  ·  Completed

  12. Add the ability read JSON response data as lists (add REST API as data connection)

  13. Intelligent indexing - Reset learned data for one document

  14. add a simple validation tool not requiring programming...  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

  15. Allow for direct File Cabinet Storage after data extraction.

  16. Dynamische externe Auswahllisten benötigt.  ·  Completed

  17. Restore the ability to create Data records within the webclient.  ·  Completed

  18. Data in Form fields from different source

  19. Set Logging Level for Local Data Connector

  20. Update the Forum so that we can search our own questions/responses  ·  Added to Ideas Backlog

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